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55 reviews for W10 Pro OEM

  1. Kam Minthang (verified owner)

    After purchasing the product they send me through email in about 03 or 04 mins this is a swift response. Having an activation issue with the product key, after contacting the customer service they reached me out through phone and solved my issue. worth buying it not only that the customer care are responsive too…..

  2. CapSubham (verified owner)

    Have to awesome customer service. Sir, himself called me up and resolve the issue. Key working fine. Thanks for being there sir…

  3. samraj (verified owner)

    Their customer service are really good.. They sort out my activation issue easily..

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Excellent customer support. I had a problem with activating windows. They helped me within 1min and fixed the issue. This is a 100% Genuine key. Fully satisfied.

  5. Tushar Kakpure (verified owner)

    Fast service and quick response. Very helpful.

  6. Pranat Damani (verified owner)

    Works Fine Key was mailed within 10-15 minutes, I had a problem while activating windows so I sent a mail and at midnight they helped me to activate the windows. Totally Happy with their service.

  7. Deepak HP (verified owner)

    I purchased this key and has an issue with the activation process and sent an email regarding the issue and within a couple of minutes, they reached me and resolved the issue.
    Thanks a lot, Cheapokeys and techmartunbox.

  8. Boynao Angom (verified owner)

    It was good. At first key didn’t work, after contacting they solve the problem with new key.

  9. Varun Lakshmi (verified owner)

    Customer support great.

  10. Alkesh Dhamecha (verified owner)

    Genuine windows 10 pro key…
    Solve the problems with new key…
    Thank you sir…
    Thank you for cheapo keys…
    Thank you for teckmart Unbox…

  11. Antony (verified owner)

    Thank you cheap keys. First key didn’t work after contacting solve the problem.Good customer care service

  12. Arul D (verified owner)

    Very prompt and swift customer service, will suggest my friends and family to use Cheapokeys.

  13. Venugopal P M (verified owner)

    This website was really amazing. I thought that it was fake. After reading these reviews I purchased windows 10 pro key from this website. I got confirmation mail about every steps and I am fully satisfied with it. I will recommend others about this website.

  14. Harshad Kalkumbe (verified owner)

    I like the way the deal with customers. So satisfying . Excellent and safe website for buying online.

  15. Viru Patil (verified owner)

    Genuine keys

  16. Roshan Kadam (verified owner)

    Got mail withing 15 min after purchasing. This is totally genuine and definitely will recommend to my friends. Thanks you for your support.

  17. StomperYT (verified owner)

    Got a error due to KMS but customer support fixed everything and activated genuine key in my PC.100% recommended.

  18. Sudheer Lakkireddy (verified owner)

    Overall very smooth process. Excellent experience with customer support through the process. Thank you.

  19. Anil Rajbhar (verified owner)

    Awsome customer support. At first time i had a problem while activating the windows. After contacting them they fix my problem within a minute. I am happy with the customer support. Thank u cheapokeys.

  20. Anilkumar K (verified owner)

    They emailed me key within 15 minutes.

  21. dhavora (verified owner)

    Got email in 10 minutes and also provide support in response time less then 5 min. Like your service. Thank You.

  22. Vishal Rana (verified owner)

    Thabks for the help, my windows 10 was not updated due to which key did not work however, prompt customer or technical support helped me out. Thanks a lot!!!

  23. subhadeepghosh (verified owner)

    Perfect and best place for buying genuine windows!!!!!!.. with best support! I will recommend everyone to buy from this website… Becoz not only they provide genuine windows but also they provide epic support

  24. elangkumaran (verified owner)

    Works Great genuine Key ,Got the key after 15 min of purchase , activated instantly with no issues Worth the price ,Bought it for Rs640 using coupon code 😀

  25. bshankar.udt (verified owner)

    I’ve activated windows 10 pro using the key, that was sent to my email within 1 hour. Thanks to CheapOKeys.

  26. Ashish Sharma (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied. Beyond expectation… I have ordered based on the positive reviews and I got my key delivered within 30 mins.. Faced no issues while activating and working fine. Highly recommend for those who is looking for genuine key at reasonable price.

  27. MOHAMMED JAZIM (verified owner)

    I bought it on May 20, 2020.

  28. Rajesh (verified owner)

    I have purchased Win10 Pro key today.

  29. srinivasan (verified owner)

    thank you windows 10 pro oem key activating good.
    Their customer service are really support good.

  30. Anandhu (verified owner)

  31. Siddharth Sinha (verified owner)

    After purchasing this product they sent me this product and it is a genuine key . I told everyone those who want to buy genuine key cheapokeys is a trusted website. And I also recommend everyone to update your PC before entering the product key and remove any activating software. I really happy with cheapokeys.

  32. Shantanu (verified owner)

    I have purchased my windows 10 key and they deliver me key via email within an hour.. That’s great 👍..

  33. Abhyuday Singh (verified owner)


  34. venu gopal (verified owner)

    wow !! great ,
    i can get this product at 630 rupees ( cheapest online ) with Genuine windows 10 pro key… but will get more then hours to deliver the product ( through email ) but it’s ok , and i didn’t get any issues when windows activation ,
    thanks for Technomart , and
    thanks for Cheapokeys .

  35. Siba Sahu (verified owner)

    I get the product key after 1 hours of order and I try to use the key and it worked.

  36. Ankit Mishra (verified owner)

    Got the key within 30 mins & activated windows without any hassle. Highly recommended !! Kudos to the team for saving our bucks 🙂

  37. Ajay Yadav (verified owner)

    Was very skeptical about the validity of the keys, took the risk since it was foronly 699/- and site is quite old now and they have trusted payment gateway integrated.
    Received the key at the end of the day and it worked without any issue, 5 star for this.

  38. howyoudoincaptain (verified owner)

    good service

  39. gopalakrishnan (verified owner)

    Windows key was working good . Trusted website..

  40. gopalakrishnan (verified owner)


  41. [email protected] (verified owner)

    101% genuine key must buy it from cheap okeys .com got the key and easily activated … hassle free ….value for money # full satisfaction….

  42. Rishikesh Nath (verified owner)

    These keys work. Initially I was skeptical to buy but taking the word from Techmartunbox YouTube , I purchased the key and they helped me with the installation as well. The key work fine. You can trust them and buy.

  43. Rahul19p (verified owner)

    You are life saver ❤️

  44. Rahul19p (verified owner)

    Best website with genuine products

  45. Biranchi Tripathi (verified owner)

    After placing order, the product key was sent to me by e-mail within 1 hr. I successfully installed and activated windows 10 pro on my PC using the product key without any problem.

  46. sivapathairuthayan (verified owner)

    Downloaded W10 Pro from MS website, purchased the product key from CheapOKeys and activated it. Everything went great! you can’t ask for a better day than this.

    Thank you TEAM CheapOKeys & TechMartUnbox

  47. gautamkabiraj (verified owner)

    Smooth service! These guys are genuine. I was a bit skeptical about placing the order but gave it a shot and it worked. The key was delivered to both mail inbox as well as phone SMS. Thanks!

  48. Swapnil Mayekar (verified owner)

    Trusted site to buy genuine key. I bought win 10 pro key and got it delivered within 30 minutes on email. Had some hassle while activating it since on my laptop win 10 home was previously installed so i had to delete activation key from my system and then i was able to activate new key. Kudos to team for their support.

  49. akshit1007 (verified owner)

    Received my key withing an hour, and activated my widows hassle free! Fully Trusted and great experience! Kudos to cheapOkeys and youtuber Techmart Unbox!

  50. Rajeev Ranjan (verified owner)

    This was great. True 101% genuine license from

  51. smith (verified owner)

    Excellent and safe website for buying online.

  52. Rohans (verified owner)

    paid for Win10 pro OEM key but received after 1 hours.

  53. Rohans (verified owner)

    the key is working .
    activated windows.
    need to have more patience. in my case the key was emailed to me after 1.5+ hrs.
    for you may take longer or reach earlier.

    but the key seems genuine and working as expected.

  54. Dheeraj Sharma (verified owner)

    nice product

  55. Ishasis Roy (verified owner)

    Trust me, all of the reviews here are genuine. I boutght one and windows got activated within minutes. However, remember to use your key within 24 hours. This is mandatory.

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